The Sugar Tree and The Sugar Tree Cottage

"Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?"
       Lewis Carroll,, Alice in Wonderland

Sugar Tree Classes

Due to Covid-19,  the Sugar Tree Cottage will not be offering any classes at this time, but we look forward to be doing so again in the future; these listed below as well as others.


Kids' Garden Program

The Kids’ Garden program for schools and libraries is taught through lessons based upon the work of Whitney Cohen, of Life Lab Science


The program in its entirety is a forty weeks  (one in-class visit a week as follows the school year), but is also available in seasonal sections, or individualized classes. Fees range between $60 plus material fees for a single class, and $3200 for the complete program including materials. (based upon a class size of under thirty students)  Other supporting activities are also available upon request for additional fees, including an entire companion program, Kids’ Kitchen which is based upon fun and healthy recipes (all recipes are suitable for vegetarian diets, and none have added salt)


 Session topics include:
*Exploring the Garden
*Planting and Growing
*Fun with Plants
*Discovering Creatures
*Creating Garden Art



This program adheres to Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics as set forth in the "Common Core State Standards Initiative ©2010", and Maine’s Learning Standards' Guiding Principles as they further apply to Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, and Education Development. It is also by definition and practice, a project based learning program.


Sessions based upon the "Food, Land, & People" Curriculum, as well as the Maine Wild Blueberry Commission's Lesson Kit are also available, along with other materials suggested by Maine Agriculture in the Classroom.

Tea Classes

Introduction to Tea

There are so many types of teas and blends... black, white, green, rooibos, fruit, and herbal, powdered matchas.... so much to learn! Discover for yourself the art of infusing leaves, flowers and spices, appropriate water temperatures and steeping times for the most delicious cup of tea.

Cooking with Tea

Tea can be used to enhance favorite recipes, and I'll also introduce you to some new ones!

Gardening with Tea

Discover the many uses of tea in gardening (and a few household tips too)

Please contact me if you are interested in more information about these and other classes being offered, or creating a class especially just for you.

Story Tastings

Story "Tastings" are part book discussion, part storytelling lesson, part art class, and part culinary experience. This sensory event is best shared in small groups. More than just exploring the regions and cultures of the books, we also study the seasons, colors, and moods of the stories, and from these elements create our menu. Group meets at least twice, including meal. $50 - $75 per student, with an eight person limit.

I invite you to also visit my parent site, Freedom Pond Moonworks, for a variety of other creative classes & workshops.  
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