The Sugar Tree and The Sugar Tree Cottage

"Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?"
       Lewis Carroll,, Alice in Wonderland

welcome  to the Sugar Tree &  Sugar Tree Cottage

 ** The Sugar Tree is re-branding, just a smidge, and for a while you will find a mirror website to this one over at   You may also wish to check out our blog On Olive Street **


Covid-19 Update:  Making sure everyone is staying safe in place, the cottage part of The Sugar Tree, the Sugar Tree Cottage has postponed events for a little while, and will be remaining closed throughout the entire month of May.

We will surely miss sharing cups of tea with everyone while the brook is singing it's loudest spring song in these weeks!

We'll post further updates as they come. In the meantime, be well, and feel loved.

Covid-19 Update #2: The cottage will not open during the 2020 season, but we look forward to a spectacular 2021


The Sugar Tree is a wandering art gallery and fresh market; offering locally sourced foods; hand blended teas, natural fiber arts, Maine Artisan wooden rolling pins, bread boards, & spoons; along with a small selection of cooking & gardening books.  We can be found at various Maine community events throughout the year. (be sure to check out our blog or follow us on facebook for updates)
In season, however, you may plan to visit the Sugar Tree Cottage, located nearby the Lakewood Theater in Madison.  The cottage is open by invitation or appointment only, and offers tea tastings, classes, and personal private shopping experiences. Look for our announcements for "Tea Tasting Tuesdays" and other events throughout the summer; including featured artists showings, poetry readings, seedling shares, and more, by joining the Sugar Tree Cottage facebook group 

Who We Are

Living in the Maine woods is a place of peace, art, creating, growing, and much inspiration. 

 For a while, the Sugar Tree was a traveling vegetarian food cafe, but the idea for what it would become started many years before. Growing fresh herbs for teas at  Mothers Moon: + berries, apples, and veggies from my garden & local farms for Kids' Gardening and Kids' Kitchen programs: + learning to shape wooden bread boards, spoons, and rolling pins: + artsy Storyteller Moon projects = all the elements of  The Sugar Tree Cafe!  We don't run the cafe anymore, but the rest remains.  Most of the goods for sale have been created by myself, or by my family, but some are selectively chosen natural and/or fairly traded products from fellow small businesses. 

 Please enjoy a look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please do contact us.    We hope you will visit often!